AI + SME in-the-loop = Applied Intelligence

“Solving AI challenges precisely with Subject Matter Experts from our trusted network.”

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Features & Benefits

AI Knowledge Hub

Real-world solutions for
 industry specific AI challenges

Managed AI Services

AIOps and AI-SMEOps Teams
available for Managed AI Services

AI Applied Responsibly

Responsible AI, Governance, Compliance, Roadmap and Training

AI Practice Roles

AI Certified Practitioners, Auditors, Researchers, Ethicists and Risk Officers

Access Trustable AI-SME Network

Utilize experienced AI-SMEs from our network of trustable individuals and organizations

Human Centric Applied Intelligence

Applied Artificial Intelligence with Ai-SME-in-the-loop, a better and precise intelligence

Features & Benefits

Share your AI-SME Knowledge

Help companies through your expertise and digitally transform SME landscape

Expand your horizon

As a leader, tackle multi-dimensional industry specific AI challenges

Contribute to the AI market

The World Economic Forum estimates AI will add 12 million jobs by 2025 and the AI economy will represent over $10 trillion 

Future AI Leaders

Begin your journey as a future AI leader and define AI practices, roles and responsibilities

Join SMEOps Team

Engage with managed AI solutions and human-in-the-loop operations

Flexible engagement model

Set a billable rate and make yourself available to clients for 1:1 advisory work